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Welcome to CuteReport web site

CuteReport is an easy, powerful and extendable report solution based on Qt framework. Generally CuteReport consists of two parts: core library and template designer. Both are totally modular and theirs functionality can be simply extended by writing additional modules. It's totally abstract of used data and can use as storage: file system, database, version control systems, etc. The project's goal is to provide powerful, but yet simple to use for inexperienced user and report designers, reporting system.

Key features

  • A number of data sources: SQL database, Text, FileSystem, external data model (QAbstractTableModel);
  • Various types of storages to keep report templates and report's objects like picture, etc: Filesystem, GIT, SQL database, embedded storage;
  • Plain text or HTML support;
  • Variety of drawing items to construct a great looking report: text (Memo), Image, Barcode, Arc, Chart, Chord, Ellipse, Line, Pie, Rectangle;
  • Picture sources: static, dataset, storage;
  • Unlimited number of details within one report;
  • Report Title and Summary;
  • Page Headers and Footers;
  • Item grouping;
  • Aggregate functions: count, min, max, avg, sum;
  • Spelling out of numbers, currencies, money amounts;
  • Parameters that can be passed from a custom application;
  • Entire application full featured scripting engine to manage any aspect of the report rendering;
  • Supported meassure units: Millimeters and Inches;
  • Standalone WYSIWYG designer with ability to extend any functionality using custom plugin;
  • Some pre-installed Designer plugins: ReportProperty editor, Page editor, Script editor, Dataset editor, Preview;
  • Runtime dialogs with Designer Form Editor module;
  • Multilingual reports;
  • Report inheritance;
  • Automatic Table of Contents;
  • Crossplatform;
  • Batch report processing
Service 1

Community version

Project compliants with GPL/LGPL. No license fee

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Service 2

Professional version

More features. Professional support

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Latest News

2017-03-18 00:18:02
New bunch of fixes for the 1.3 branch Read more
2017-01-12 23:09:09
This version does not bring new features but improves stability. Read more
2016-10-02 18:54:20
This version brings many great features, such as Multilingual reports, Dynamic runtime dialogs and report inheritance. Read more
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