Bugfix version 1.3.2 has been released!

Full Changelog for version 1.3.2:

  • FIX: Translator issues;
  • FIX: when new storage, printer, rendered is added it becomes active now;
  • FIX: License Wizard small fixes;
  • FIX: ReportEditor small fixes;
  • FIX: Better manage of items with the same names that caused a crash sometime;
  • FIX: Standard::Model dataset test model rows and columns adding issues;
  • NEW: Standard::Model dataset: now automatically creates a default model variable names "modelname_model";
  • FIX: inheritanceData now not saved to XML if there is no data;
  • FIX: PegeEditor small outlook fixes;
  • FIX: demo reports now correctly prints date in regard to language selected;
  • FIX: Property editor now correctly clears property description text when item is changed;
  • NEW: Preview widget now has setViewScale (qreal scale) method to change zoom from an external application;
  • FIX: Progress dialog now does no appear while report displays its dynamic dialogs;
  • some other small fixes;

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