Version 1.3 released!

It has been alsmost 9 months since the last CuteReport release. And this baby is delivered! It's kinda symbolic - it is long-awaited and brings a lot of joy. So what do we have for you, our customer, in this new release? The most important features are: Multilingual reports, Dynamic runtime dialogs and report inheritance.

Firstly, multilingual report. This report can be translated and rendered on multiple languages to provide ability for your customers to read invoice or receipt on their native language. It is common in many USA states to have additional language as a second one, like Spanish. The same in some other countries, for example, Canada. So you don't need to mess with some templates. Just create one with 2 languages supported. There is a simple tool that can be handy for a linguist or a translator to translate report originally made on one primary language to any number of secondary languages.

Secondly, using dynamic runtime dialogs you can have some user input before report generating. It could be asking for a language, age, etc and then use this data in report generating process. You can see some examples in our "Demo" application.

And finally, report inheritance provide you an ability to not mess with a lot of reports if you need to change a company logo or some other common information. Just create a base report and inherit it to all your other reports. If you need to change logo, just change it in the base report and all inherited ones will be changed appropriately.

You can look through all the changes in the list below.

As always, should you have any issue, suggestion, request, do no hesitate to contact us immediatelly! We would like to hear from you!

Full Changelog for version 1.3:

  • NEW: Translator module has been added (pro version)
  • NEW: Form module to create dynamic dialogs (pro version)
  • NEW: Function "pluralSpell" added to the SpellOut module (pro version)
  • NEW: Split of items support in Rendering engine (pro version)
  • NEW: Memo item smart text splitting implemented (pro version)
  • NEW: Report now can accept QObject* as a report variable type
  • NEW: PainterDelegate implemented to provide ability for a custom application to paint directly on a report item
  • NEW: Canvas item added to provide canvas for a custom application painting logic (pro version) See code example in "examples/code/example_delegates"
  • NEW: ScriptDelegate implemented to provide ability for a custom application to export script objects with custom properties to bring additinal functionality to the CuteReport Script Engine
  • NEW: Some code examples have been added See "examples/code/"
  • NEW: Report inheritance: report now can inherit objects from another one. These objects will be updated automatically when base report is changed
  • NEW: Index band to print data like a "Table of Contents"
  • NEW: Save/Load of selected items to/from external file for further reusing in another reports
  • UPDATE: Demo application is now able to show report in different translations if such available in the report
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Designer "Translator" module
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Designer "Forms" module
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Script Engine "Forms" example
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Formatting type "iso" is added for date and time
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: pluralSpell function description has been added to the chapter "Functions -> Spelling out"
  • UPDATE: SqlDataset: database options have been added
  • UPDATE: CSVDataset: added ability to edit and store text data
  • UPDATE: pressing Del keyboard in ObjectInspector now removes selected items
  • UPDATE: Console application: option to set preview window size has been added
  • UPDATE: Memo and MemoExt new properties: lineSpacing and textIndent
  • FIX: SF#31 Qt 4.6 compilation error has been fixed
  • FIX: OS native and Qt save dialog now show correct path while saving report on Designer exit
  • FIX: crash on nested item deletion
  • FIX: DemoApp small fixes
  • FIX: a lot of other bug fixes

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