Community version

Community version is developed to help opensource developers or low cost developing teams to integrate this powerful report solution to theirs products.

It provides all advantages that GNU GPL/LGPL licensed code has.

Such as ability to link proprietary code with LGPL CuteReport library, unassisted code improving and strong relying on opensource community in solving all possible issues. Yet –°uteReport team does its best to provide a high quality support to the opensource version users, it is not guarantied to be quick and on time though. If your product is proprietary and you need guarantied high quality support with issue resolving and new feature implementing you might want to look at Professional CuteReport version. There is also a limitation with embedding CuteReport Designer to your proprietary application with the Community version.

You are able to use Designer only as standalone application without static or dynamic linking to your code with respecting to GPL license.

Full text of GPL license for CuteReport Designer you can read here

Full text of LGPL license for CuteReport core library you can read here

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