CuteReport is a free report solution. It is based on Qt4 framework and can be easily integrated into any Qt application. 

     It has powerful template designer with Form designer, Page editor, Dataset editor and other modules. Functionality of CuteReport designer and CuteReport library can be easily extended by writing custom plugin. As dataset can be used any sources such as CSV file, file system, any kind of databases, version control systems, remote file storages, etc. It contains a large set of bands and items, such as line, rect, circle, image, barcode, charts.

     CuteReport designer comes with GPLv3 license and library comes with LGPL. So you can use CuteReport library with your open source or proprietary softwares.

CuteReport key features:

  • plugin system for supporting and extending of any functionality
  • different storages to keep report objects: file system, GIT (soon: SVN, database, FTP)
  • different datasets for report data: SQL database, CSV files, file system information (soon: XML files)
  • runtime forms are supported
  • uses javascript as internal scripting language
  • renderer implemented as plugin so any renderer backends can be used to any destination: printer, SVG, HTML, PDF
  • standalone WYSIWYG designer with possibility to extend functionality via new plugins
  • Designer plugins: ReportProperty editor, Page editor, Script editor, Dataset editor, Preview. (soon: MultilingualReports editor
  • Designer page editor supports item selection, group selection, moving, size changing, item property changing
  • Page header and page footer bands support print or skip first page, print on new page
  • Detail band support aggregate functions, zebra colors, print each band on new page
  • Memo item supports static data and dynamic scriptable data
  • supported measure units: millimeters and inches



  • XML serializer has been improved to support some properties with the same name;
  • missed items' property descriptions have been added;
  • fixed bug with item selecting;
  • ReportEditor: "save report" and "save report as" work properly now;
  • PageEditor actions have been added to main menu;
  • Import interface has been added to support import reports from other report solutions;
  • All datasets are improved to support global report variables in most text properties;


  • code examples
  • screencasts
  • report wizard
  • multilingual reports
  • storages: git, svn
  • item: overlay
  • export: PDF, SVG, CSV, HTML, LibreOffice, excel
  • bindings: python, ruby, java, C#
  • ports: Android, iOS
  • visual SQL editor
  • console client

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