Version 1.2 released!

It is a new milestone in CuteReport development: CuteReport supports Spellout and Charts.

Spellout module allows to convert any number to text representation such as "123002" -> "one hundred twenty-tree thousand two" or spellout money amount like "2342" -> "two thousand three hundred forty-two dollars". It supports almost all languages with taking plurality and gender into account.

Chart currently supports only barchart, but work is in progress.

Full Changelog for version 1.2:

  • NEW: Demo application to show report examples
  • NEW: ability to edit preview data (initial implementation)
  • NEW: new module "ScriptSpellout" has been added to spell out numbers, currencies, money amount on various languages with correct plurality and gender. See documentation and example in demo application: General->Invoice. (pro version)
  • NEW: Designer now has menu with list of recent reports
  • NEW: New page property "resetPageNumber" to optional resetting page number on a new template page rendering.
  • NEW: some detalisation level for items implemented: Full content, Name only, etc. Memo can show only its name on a template to prevent template mess.
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated: "Script signals"
  • UPDATE: Documentation updated with new section: Functions -> Spelling out
  • UPDATE: Designer now shows warning message before deleting Storage, Renderer or printer object
  • UPDATE: Merged cutereport and cutereport_cli. Use -g argument to start in GUI mode (template designer)
  • UPDATE: Histogram multiseries support (pro version)
  • UPDATE: Chart big improvements: support of static and dynamic data, updated helper (pro version)
  • FIX: BarcodeExt helper fix (pro version)

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