Version 1.1 released!

We are happy to announce CuteReport 1.1 release!

One of the major improvements is stability. A lot of improvements in professional version. Memo item got additional functionality: Format Selector. Also new Barcode item has been added with powerful Studio in its helper.

Full Changelog for version 1.1:

  • NEW: CSV dataset sorting implemented in format "fieldName:order". Order could be "asc" or "desc".
  • NEW: ability to make gradient painting
  • NEW: Page property "print on previous page" implemented
  • NEW: options to make GPL or LGPL build (Barcode is not supported in LGPL because of QZint GPL license)
  • NEW: Chart initial implementation (pro version)
  • NEW: Page helper implemented (pro version)
  • NEW: Page properties added: allowMirrorMargins, endlessWidth, endlessHeight (pro version)
  • NEW Extended Barcode item with powerful helper has been added (pro version)
  • NEW: formatting tags implemented (read documentation)(pro version)
  • NEW: designer module added: Format Selector (pro version)
  • NEW: value formatting editor has been added to MemoExt Helper (pro version)
  • UPDATE: format for getting dataset data is changed to support custom row. Now it is dataset.getValue(fieldName, rowNumber) or dataset."fieldName".rowNumber Second parameter can be skipped though
  • UPDATE: PropertyEditor now shows tooltips with full property name
  • UPDATE: Report parameters supporting has been improved (read documentation)
  • UPDATE: items' signals "print*" renamed to be more informative
  • UPDATE: "About" dialog now shows: build date, build type, library and designer license
  • UPDATE: ability to choose type of File Open/Save dialog: can be configured in "Options" menu
  • FIX: Now current path is correctly showed in dialog while saving unsaved file on exit
  • FIX: helper "Enter" press now does not cause helper close. Helper closes on Ctrl+Enter
  • FIX: long string in status bar does not resize Designer's window anymore
  • FIX: currect appearing in KDE menu
  • FIX: a lot of other bug fixes

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