Version 1.0rc4 is out

We are happy to announce our last release candidate for CuteReport 1.0 revision.

Some bugs reported on SourceForge and from the topic on have been fixed.

One of the most important feature implemented is Designer Page editor's multi-object operations support and new tools to manage alignment, font, border by using toolbar graphical elements. All examples now come with all elements like datasets, images integrated to report file. This solves possible problem with different pathes on different client machines. To provide more abilities to debug script within a report there is function "print" has been implemented in the scripting engine. Dataset populating behaviour has been changed to set on first row immediately after data populating instead of setting an undefined state.

This prerelease is supposed to be last one before 1.0 release if no critical bugs will be found. Please, commit all bugs to the SourceForge page of CuteReport project while we are working on implementing our internal bug tracking system.

A full changelog can be found here.

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